Sunday, June 13, 2010

You Have My Heart- Cant Keep Up

Hey Everyone :), my dearest followers from the beggining and my good blogger friends honestly my sincere apologies to you, i seem to have dissapeared not only from blogosphere but from the face of the earth also, according to my friends. I have been so busy with exams and Life and i seem to honestly have nothing to say, no time to talk , i dont even watch tv. A lot of things have happened as you know from my previous posts, and i am trying to cram so many things in at once i dont know where the time has gone, or how we got to June and the Summer already. Last Summer is still fresh in my Mind but i cant begin to describe how much has changed in my life sicne then, or even more how much I have changed. So many good things have happened but at the same time many dissapointments , still alive and breathing isnt that all that counts?. I get a longer Holiday this year not a measly two weeks because i have managed to escape the shackles of education and scholarships and rubbish, i get to visit my sister in Somalia, and My Cousins in Egypt, and Kenya and then to my cousins wedding in Dubai. Besides being a trip through Africa my Homeland or shall i say Home continent and a place which i havent been to since i left a million years ago, these trips are so special to me and i am sure will remain engraved in my heart and Mind for a Million years to come, i will see my sister and my grandmother, i will see Somalia and i will Attend the Wedding of my Best Friend Inshallah, ill go and see a simpler World , My eyes will Open , i will wake up and smell the coffee, i will say HEY Mamma Africa!

i wanted to leave blogger so as not to bore you with my lack of posts , but Inshallah i will be back and i will write, in this journal which contains my dreams, so sorry for my lack of posts and comments and appearances, sorry to all my friends whether in blogger and in real life , if i have missed something important in your life, if i have forgot to return a phone call, or took long with a promised email, sorry if you thought i forgot about you, sorry if i declined offers to go out and meet, and sorry if i cant make it to your weddings, but remember you have my heart always , i am there in spirit with lots and lots of love:)
Your sister in Islam

Friday, May 7, 2010

Love In A scarf - And Where art though Modestjustice and Sukkar

*Princess Fatima Kulsum Saudi Arabia*

Hey everyone, wassup? i have returned yes *gasp* the dead woman who has disapeared has returned back, i will post more now? actually i didnt know how much i loved my blog and how much i love having a blog since i have dissapeared so , reason why i stopped being a regular blogger is because i got distracted by a number of things namely exams which i still have by the way (i beg you, make dua) and i figured you didnt deserve to read moany nonsense and you have heard enough about my exams so i should stay away until i found something to write about, but then i missed this place but there is a small teeny weeny problem, i stil dont have anything to write about minus exams lol.
1) Where are my friends Mj and Sukkar?
and others?
2) So glad to have found followers despite like a months absence
3) i think a couple of my followers wanted to join my cousin nazs " blog haha

I should get back to the topic of the post by now, i was going through my posts and i promised to do a review about the Book Love in a Headscarf
i think the book is very good well written and explains a lot about some of the issues highlighted
however when i read reviews of this book i thought it would be written as a story even the blurb is misleading in a way to me it seemed to be like a collection of hadeeths or quotes but not like in a list, about lvoe, spirituality , the Divine but not a story.

Although the Book has some Non muslim readers it would probably make more sense for a muslim person to read it, due to the fact that sometimes it can get a bit complicated or just about Islamic thoughts on how to find a partner etc.

I also found the book seems to have been more aimed at, or described the maybe traditional, or the norm way of finding a husband in asian customs (Pakistani, indian etc), because obviously this was where the author came from , by ways of finding a husband i mean aranged marriages (this is not the same as forced marriages ) and matchmakers and stuff.

Still i found it an interesting read, sometimes it wasnt really always about relationships (there was just basicaly islamic parts which just sort of explained islam and some about her lifetime achievements etc) and it wasnt exactly what i thought it would be like but i am sure some readers will enjoy it, non muslims can learn something from it, and some sisters can relate to it more then me so yeah go ahead and read it :).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some Sweet Story

Some thing’s for you, and for me to remind us what is really important in life, we can all be successful, in whatever we choose to do in our lives, if we put our hearts, and minds into the tasks, and work relentlessly, in order to achieve, and in order to succeed. We don’t have to separate Deen and Dunya; we can be incredibly excellent, at both, if we set our mind to it, we should remember to celebrate our religion, to understand, how it leads us, to be great human beings, we should remember to appreciate Allah’s, blessings which rain down us countless times each day, remember to smile, as the sun warms your skin, give thanks, as you walk past the sweet smelling rose bush, Say Salaam to your sweet sisters in Islam. Remember why we are here.

Beauty lies within, Intellect is our most outstanding treasure, Islam is our special gift, and Allah is our splendid Saviour. The world is Ok. Life’s, good, Summers here, so sweetheart

Smile with me.

Naz <3

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Life! My Hijab! My Choice!

My Hijab, My Choice!

A hijab is both the head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women and modest Muslim styles of dress in general. The Hijab, is considered to be an important aspect, of Islamic teachings, which many Muslim women adhere to across the world, The ways Muslim women wear the hijab’s, and the materials used, are often influenced by their cultural backgrounds, and personal preferences.

Hijab has undergone a tremendous transformation, and its popularity in the Muslim world has dramatically increased, over the last 10 years. More and more Muslim women have adopted the Hijab, after re-discovering their faith, and understanding the importance it holds, many women began to recognise, that their traditional dress, did not always follow the correct requirements of hijab, and have therefore adopted the full head and neck coverings, and were sometimes met with fierce opposition as some where banned from schools (Tunisia) Or from taking specific courses and jobs such as TV presenting (Egypt). Despite this the women continued to fight for their rights to follow their religious beliefs and be accepted in to society, and many Muslim women lead successful careers and have achieved their hopes and dreams, not inspite of hijab but because of it. The hijab is now fully welcomed, as well as encouraged in the Muslim world.

Similarly due to the popularisation of hijab in the east and the rise of more scholars many young Muslim women, feel further connected, to their faith, and difficulties in their lifestyles, e.g. recognising drinking, and partying has not been a fruitful lifestyle, has lead them to understand the reasons behind many of the teachings of their faith and investigate until they have come to the conclusion that Hijab is a definite requirement of their faith. It saddens many Muslim women, who have understood the liberating message behind a cloth which proclaims that similarly to men, women have the right to be judged on their thoughts, and ideas, not on their looks, has been met with such fierce opposition, in the western world, as the west claim to be champions of freedom and equality for women. However in an attempt to silence Muslim women, who adopt the Hijab some European countries, have risked going against their own constitutions by banning the hijab (France), whilst claiming to be a force fighting for the freedom of females. The sad and immediate assumption that women, who wear the hijab, are forced and have no voice of their own, or no thoughts about their lifestyle further burdens the Modern Muslim woman, as this contributes to resentment, and frustration, as well as mounting misunderstanding between multicultural societies.

Many Muslims believe in Modesty and self respect, and the hijab is a religious duty, which promises to fulfil those important ideals, and has become a beautiful way, for women to liberate themselves, from societies which demands of them to appear “sexy” and “hot” in order to be well rounded individuals. In the modern world today magazines and posters, encourage young women to be thin, and body image, is emphasised. The hijab represents freedom from these social norms, and in a world where many women are solely judged on their appearance hijab provides a haven, promising that they will be judged on intellect rather, than a beauty which is only skin deep.

Personally the hijab has been an enlightening experience for me, as I strived to fulfil a religious requirement by God, in an effort to be a better Muslim and in turn a better person , perfecting my religious beliefs, and aspiring to please my god and attain a heavenly reward in paradise through following Quranic requirements.

The Hijab, only represents, freedom, to me, freedom of Appearance, and freedom of Faith, as well as freedom from the sometimes cruel world of “fashion”.

By naz from

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember, I promised

So we keep in touch, me and my sister (read two posts down if you don’t know what im talking about), and its unbelievable , we thought it would be awkward we wouldn’t be able to describe ourselves, she wouldn’t be able to know us, how we want her to know us, so many years 15/16 years have gone past, and even before that we only met once, that’s not how its meant to be she’s our sister, I cant begin to describe in words contained in the dictionary how much she means to me, how glad I am to have found her ecstatic, over the moon Wallah, im so grateful this time. She made me and my other sister closer too (if that was possible), I love them both, me and Amal are twins so naturally we look the same, but speaking to our sister on MSN, we shared pictures and swear to god she looks just like us, its amazing, fascinating (to us), people say well yeah your sisters, but still we think it’s the best discovery ever, im happy.

She managed to print the pictures out, and show them to our grandmother and other family members we never met, sent her pictures of my mum and my brothers and everything aswell,maybe just maybe we can meet up this summer, was planning to go Saudi Arabia, where cousin naz is at but of course I had no idea about this, we are all so excited its unbelievable seeing them would be a dream come true, but of course there are problems as usual, Somalia is not safe we haven’t been there since we were five years old, and back then it was so much better then it is now, my mum will want me to go to he safer areas (North Somalia/Somaliland) or remote like village areas in south Somalia, thing is my sister lives in the capital (most dangerous area), and Somalia is huge, if I don’t go to the capital ill have to take a plane to visit them, waste of money? Risking your life? , my mum is trying to be helpful obviously but she doesn’t want us, to be in that situation , she left Somalia to make sure we never see guns, or bombs, we asking to fly right into the middle of it. Terrorists, drugs, guns, fighting, AU forces you name it, its all there, I just want to see my family, my grandmas getting old, it would mean the world to see her, to us and to her.
Make dua for us J
With love

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My weird feelings

i will post later today, inshallah hopefully , i need to post, i need to rant, i think im going crazy, i missed this, i missed my readers, and friends , i missed writing down my feelings, my thoughts and what i did, somewhere along the line of me writing this blog lost its number one purpose,you guys with your sweet comments and kind hearts wherever you are in the world make me happy so happy, when everyone else isnt.
@ Ms stupid suggestions-i can love so much, so deeply, and truthfully with all my heart, i can care for everyone, and some people make my life worth living, they are the ones i care about, i would die for, some people just bring bad news, to my life, they enjoy creating hurt and misstrust, they enjoy labelling others, and they enjoy ruining whats already perfect, they are the ones who ruin lives, all they do is hate, i hope to be rid of you, i hope you go away, i like my life and my family, until you came i hope you dissapear and you leave me alone, theres no point to smiling while you are here, dont ask me whats wrong with me , when all thats wrong with me is you, i cant wait until you dissapear.
@ Mr my best friend-You are him 'the one', everyone is always talking about, you make me happy , you make me smile, you are beautiful and kind, i love it with all my heart everymoment you are around, you make evident to me there is good in the world, when im with you, the sun is always shining, and im always smiling, i dont want to be without you ever, i will definetly never replace you with ^ aboves stupid suggestions.@ Miss Memories- i saw you, in the street, i smiled at you and gave you a hug, it took you a long time to recognise me, and it took me a long time to recognise you, we risked saying hi to a stranger but we are not strangers , we found eachother, yesterday you came over, to my house, i was so happy all i did was smile, you are pregnant, i was at your wedding and it was the happiest day for me, i think you knew that too, i always wanted the best for you and i still do, now you are having some troubles and yesterday i wanted to tell you something, but i felt i couldnt maybe i was shy, maybe i thought you wouldnt care or it would be awkward, how could it be though? you lived with me, we were like sisters, we were friends we told eachother everything until that awful day, how did this happen to us?.

@ My best friend ever Ms beautiful- im glad you excist what would i do without you? honestly i dont know my closest friend since childhood i dont have to tell you how i feel, thanks for being here
:) wish it was in better circumstances
with love

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Something, a little Sad, Happy and Personal

Salaamz Everyone
I would like to tell you all something, about me and my family that i probably didnt tell before, and because i want to write it down, and want to remember this day or yesterday for ever, until im old and grey or whatever so here it is.

My Dad Allah have mercy on his soul, died, when we was younger and he married twice, anyways while he was alive he had 4 children Mashallah, they are me and twin sister and older bro Naz, Amal and Hmoudi (with my mum), and the other Lady gave birth to a daughter called Myriam but after my dad died we never saw her or her mother or her family again, (since we was 5 years old)- thats nearly 15 years ago , we tried to contact them but her family move, alot my family move alot,my dads family, they are not that great at keeping in contact but whats worse is, my mothers family are pretyy well off money wise and my dads family (the ones in somalia), are the total opposite of that, so even though i kept in contact with my grandma , she wouldnt be able to tell us where my sister was. We did always think of her but we honestly thought she probably doesnt even know we excist unless her mum told her about us, or she remembers seeing us when she was 5.

Anyways aparently she kept in contact with one of my uncles (dads half bro), all those years who lives in denmark knows my number, and has never once ever called us, even though we call him and his wife tells us hes always 'sleeping', or out, until we stopped calling him, she asked him to tell her where, we was and to give her any sort of contact number to call us from, and he said he doesnt even know what country we live in (lies).

Anyways, the other day i went to the Masjid, to pray and listen to a lecture, and everything, and a lady stopped me at the mosque who ive never seen before, she said to me as i walked past her
"whats your name?" and i said "huh?" and she said
"hi my name is ....., whats yours", i was still confused but i was like "my name is naz"(whatever naz is short for) and then she smiled and said "your second name?" i was thinking should i tell a random person that? and then i was like whatever "Naz (,,insert second name)" and then she hugged me and started crying and was like "you look just like him" (i was soo confused), so i hugged her back and said to her back and was still confused, she let me go and stared at me before saying "im your aunt, your dad hes my cousin, i miss him so much im so glad to meet you", i said "oh" and then she explained properly, to me, how she went to somalia and my grandma heard she was there and wanted to contact us ( we lost contact with grandma after my dads bro died and she moved, 2 years ago), because she heard my mum had a baby and wanted to give some letters and stuff to anyone who was going to europe who can maybe find us. She gave me my grandmas contact details some letters and a parcel from my grandmother and i couldnt stop crying, i went home and showed my mum and my sister and my bro and my other grandma, and my auntie (mums sis) was there my cousins and everyone was crying, we got to call our grandma after 2 years last time we spoke to her was when uncle died.

Grandma was soo happy i couldve died i was so happy, she told us she was fine and where she was living and everything and how she was glad she found us, i cant beleive we ever lost touch, we did look for them though my grandma even went to somalia (my mums mum), she told us she couldnt walk anymore though because she is so old, and that she would pray for our studies to go well, that we remain good Muslims everything , i think it was like the best day of my life.

She told me "your sister has been looking everywhere for you, she even went to a different country to try and find you guys, or anyone who knows anything about you, she will be so happy if you could contact her, or give her your number", so we did , give her our contact details and took theirs, my mum sent my grandma money and gifts ,that day and we tried to call my sister on the number they gave us but it was a wrong number.

We called again yesterday and asked for their number, and my grandma gave us a wrong number again, she was missing a few digits and my mum randomly tried some random digits and someone picked up , i was happy it was a somali person before realising "duh its somalia", then my mum was like "Heloo is that Myriam?" and the person was like "yeah" and my mum couldnt beleive it so she repeated that three times and the person was like "yeah its myriam" and my mum was like "Myriam (insert second name)?" and the person was like "yeah" and me and my sister were literally jumping up and down and holding on to eachother so tight, Amal was about "this close to taking the phone off my mum" and we was trying not to scream, my mum was like "Myriam, im auntie ........, your sisters are dying to speak to you". she was so shocked she was like "my sisters? Naz? Amal?" shes about the same age as me and amal.

And then we talked, and cried and tried to summarise our life, into a phone call, she told us she wanted to come europe and to see us, she would love to be somwhere we was, and everything and then my mum was crying by then, and we talked to her mum, and everything exchanged emails and pictures, promised to stay in touch and my mum, is trying to sort out a 'family reuninon visa', please pray for us, please pray we get to see eachother again, she said theyre my only siblings from my dads side, pray they accept the Visa request, pray for my grandma and my family and for all of us and the Muslim Ummah :)
Naz :)

I love my sisters and I love my brothers
<3 for ever